Wilderness Walmart

So the Walmart fight at Wilderness is drawing to a close as a loss. The plan to slap a Walmart on part of the battlefield study area was announced a little over a year ago. Letters were written, people spoke passionately on both sides, and finally the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to approve Walmart’s special use permit.

The last hope now is that Walmart will listen to the voices of preservationists, Civil War Bores, and legislators, but it’s a thin hope.

Back when this all started, I looked for something Tink and I could do, something heroic. I mean, I had already gotten the word out and badgered even my friends who are not particularly into the Civil War into sending e-mails to Walmart and the OCBoS. But I still harbor grand delusions of me and Tink chaining ourselves to trees on the proposed site, or something.

It’s not going to happen, clearly, I have a job to keep and getting arrested for chaining myself to the proposed site of a Walmart would not be conducive to continuing to pay off the mortgage. The only choice I can make is to say that Every Day Low Prices; Save More, Live Better–it’s not worth it to me. It’s not worth it to give that company my money to enable them to build that store on that piece of land.

And, y’know, there’s a thousand reasons not to like Walmart. Hell, I used to work for them, I probably have a thousand more than your average Walmart shopper. But I guess this is where I draw the line. Shoddy labor practices didn’t do it for me, a shift from American-made to Chinese-made goods didn’t do it for me, but that piece of land, well, I guess it does.

In more cheery news, my weekend looks like it might involve some actual Civil War content. Woot!


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