Yankees in Falmouth!

I spent a happy afternoon on Saturday at the Moncure Daniel Conway House in Falmouth. Moncure Conway was a noted abolitionist who lived in Falmouth until 1863, when he went to England as an emissary of American abolitionists. While there he made an offer to the Confederacy: emancipate the slaves, and the Confederacy would be preserved. He wasn’t exactly authorized to make that offer, and feeling that he wouldn’t be welcome in the US afterward he spent most of the rest of his life abroad.

The current owner of the house opens it and its grounds once or twice a year to the public. This weekend was the 2nd Yankees in Falmouth! with a Civil War Encampment featuring the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, the 2nd US Sharpshooters, the US Christian Commission, and this year added the Fluvanna Artillery, a Confederate unit. Hilariously, at least one person in the area tried to make this controversial. The owner of the Conway House penned a thoughtful response, although I was amused to see him cite Confederate ancestors. Although actually Southerners with Confederate ancestors may be in the minority these days; we were only at 50% when Tony Horwitz wrote Confederates In The Attic over ten years ago. My own family is from the border state of Kentucky, I’ve got one verifiable Union soldier and one verifiable Confederate in my direct ancestry.

I didn’t get many pictures as I only took the Little Camera; I had Zille the New Dog with me and didn’t want to possibly try to wrangle her and the Big Camera. As it turned out, I could have taken Big Camera, Zille was absolutely golden.

2nd US Sharpshooters
Members of the 2nd US Sharpshooters hang out in camp.

7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
A member of the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry naps between presentations. I chatted with him afterward, and he says anyone who tells you that wool breathes is lying.

7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Members of the 7th Michigan talk to visitors.

John Hennessy
John Hennessy, Chief Historian at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park, gives a talk on military life in Stafford, VA during the Civil War. Now with bonus dog ear. Whoops.

Fluvanna Artillery
One of the guns of the Fluvanna Artillery, the only Confederate unit at the encampment.

Artillery Shells
Presentation on artillery ammunition by the Fluvanna Artillery.


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