John Brown’s Body Lies A-Mouldering In The Grave

On 2 December, 1859, at high noon, John Brown was hanged by the neck until dead.

The night before his wife had finally made it to Charles Town to visit him. They had dinner together but his jailers wouldn’t allow her to stay the night. Witnesses report that was the only time in prison that John Brown lost his composure.

On his way to the scaffold, John Brown handed one of his supporters a note, which read

Charlestown, Va
2nd December 1859
I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty, land: will never be purged away; but with Blood. I had as I now think: vainly flattered myself that withought very much bloodshed it might be done.

He mounted the scaffold, the rope was placed around his neck, the trapdoor sprung, and John Brown passed into history, to become a hope for the slaves, a song for the soldiers, and a terrifying specter for the south.

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